Have you Seen the Pink Semi?

Have you Seen the Pink Semi?

Let us know if you’ve seen this pink truck – and where it was at when you saw it! Please leave a comment below….

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5 Responses to Have you Seen the Pink Semi?

  1. Tracy Georges says:

    In Somerville Indiana

  2. Denise Egbert says:

    I have seen the pink semi in New Hampshire. Sonya is my niece and she sent me pictures via e-mail several months ago. Our entire family is thankful that she is still with us and recovered so successfully from the cancerous brain tumor. From day one, after being diagnosed, she was upbeat and determined to conquer the hand she was dealt. I do believe that Sonya’s love of god did have something to do with her survival. I was there, when the surgeon came out and told us that it was a miracle that she survived the surgery. It was a very long, dangerous surgical procedure. Like she said, she is one of a few hundred who have survived this type of cancer. Sonya is a very special person. She exudes love and happiness and is a pleasure to be around. Her husband, Gene, is a gem of a human being too! He had been and continues to be as upbeat and supportive as any husband could be. He has a wicked sense of humor and kept everybody calm during a very nerve-wracking time. We are loving the notoriety you have given them for the “pink truck” . Sonya has been kind enough to send the entire family the clips from both interviews. We are having fun with it too here in New Hampshire!

  3. Dave Johnson says:

    I saw the truck parked at Millennium Steel near Toyota. Funny thing was the group of dogs that had gathered and each one waiting to pee on the tires RIGHT BELOW THE PICTURE!!!!

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